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Fundamentals of SAS for Epidemiology

ã Drs. Andrew Bush and Kristopher Arheart

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The focus of this page is on how to get SAS to read data from foreign data file structures. In this context, the term foreign means data structures created by software other than SAS. The file structures we deal with here are those you are most likely to encounter including:

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14 graduate students in a programming class are given a questionnaire on their first day of class inquiring about their familiarity with 9 popular computer applications, 3 common operating systems, and 11 special aspects of the SAS programming language.

The computer application and operating systems questions have been posed in multiple choice format with possible answers ranging from 0 to 6 indicating increasing degree of mastery of each of the applications (SAS, SPSS, BMDP, JMP, Oracle, Excel, Lotus, Dbase, and Access) and each of the operating systems (Vax, Mac, and Win).

Other questions regarding familiarity with aspects of SAS (i.e., Input, Arrays, Loops, Conditionals, Matrices, Macros, Sort-Merge, Import-Export, Save, Plot, and Print) have all been answered either 'Yes' or 'No'.

The class has also been asked a summary question eliciting how comfortable the respondent is with knowledge of the listed SAS features. This question (ComfList) is scaled from low to high using numeric values ranging from 0 to 10.

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Downloading the Data

Before you can work your way through this lesson, you will need to retrieve five files from the course ftp-server. Make sure that the 'Enable Folder View for Ftp Sites' is checked on your browser before you proceed. You can do this in Internet Explorer 5 under the 'Tools' --> 'Internet Options' --> 'Advanced' menus.

Please access the ftp-server now. Note that, depending upon your internet connection, you may be asked for a login name and a password. Simply select the 'Cancel' option to any questions.

After you have connected to the ftp-server, open the 'bioe813files' folder and copy the following data files to a floppy diskette in your A-drive:

To copy a file, simply right click on the file and use the pop down menu options. After retrieving the files, use your browser's 'Back' command to return to this page.

When you have completed these steps, you should be ready to learn how to import data. To do so, please proceed to the 'Inline Data' selection offered under the link menu on the left.

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